MIG welding benefits our customers’ turnaround times as this is a very fast and reliable weld process. We are able to weld many more alloys and combinations of metals with this process such as stainless steel to mild steel for example.

The increasing demand of weld quality has made TIG welding very popular for our customers’ smaller projects, on both non-alloyed and alloyed materials.

We often recommend TIG welding where projects require the added support of digital-welding technology. This type of weld equipment gives us the ability to achieve very precise welds using the finest of settings and is best suited for mining, electronics and offshore industries as well as the petrochemical, food and chemical works projects.

Spot welding is typically used when welding particular types of sheet metal. Our state of the art Table style spot welder is designed to almost eliminate any external spot welding marks in parts such as cabinet doors etc.